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Music has been extremely present throughout my life in many different ways, starting with listening to my parents play duets at the piano as a young child. My goal as an arranger and composer is to create a musical product that drives an emotional reaction in those who listen and perform it. I can sell one or more of my existing arrangements and compositions, help write music to fit into your vision, or create a completely new product for any facet of your program!

What's Included?

All finished products include:

  1. A complete winds score (with percussion cues when necessary) in .pdf format

  2. A copy of each part in .pdf format

  3. Reference recordings

  4. Click-track for each movement (for marching arts purchases only)

  5. Automatic regional exclusivity (for marching arts purchases only)

  6. Additional edits to fit the instrumentation needs of your ensemble (for marching arts purchases only)


Pricing for existing compositions is listed on the information page of each specific composition. Custom arrangements, compositions, and competitive show design is handled on an individual basis. Pricing is flexible and can be adjusted to fit your program’s needs. Purchases do not include the arranging or performing rights for any of the music arranged by Michael Romero, and any arranging or performing rights still must be purchased by the client. 

For any inquiries, please feel free to contact me at

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